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I'm a wedding photographer who specializes in Intimate Weddings and Romantic Elopements for badass adventurous couples worldwide who will not settle for the ordinary. My clients are born with whimsical souls whose weddings reflect that. They are comfortable with getting skinned knees and dirt in their shoes all in the name of adventure. They forge their own paths in life and do not live by anyone else's standards. They want their wedding to be a celebration of their love, an experience and not just an event. Whether adventuring in my home city, on a glacier in Iceland, or on top of a mountain, I capture the tiny, special moments that could only happen to you two on your wedding day. I believe in using photography as a means of story telling to capture the moments otherwise lost. Telling your narrative through photography of your unique love to your favorite person on your best day is what makes my heart beat loudest. I don't want to just capture the epic landscape with you two in it, I want to capture the little looks you give each other when you think no one is looking, I want to capture the wonderful weirdness you two have together that makes you say "this is why you're mine". I want to capture all of the tiny moments sewn together to create the big feelings of the big day of your giant love. I shoot in a mostly documentary style for modern weddings so the coverage of your entire story will be filled with all of the real, raw emotions and love pouring out of your very beings.


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