Iceland Elopement at Magical Waterfall | Iceland Elopement Photographer & Planner

Iceland Elopement at Magical Waterfall | Iceland Elopement Photographer & Planner

iceland elopement at highlands waterfall

My. oh my. Strap in friend-os because you’re about to witness the most awesome, epic, and perfect Iceland elopement. This elopement had everything: DIY dress made by the brides mother and grandma-in-law, a picnic at the top of one of the most SPECTACULAR & MAGICAL waterfalls in all of Iceland, a private ceremony in downtown Reykjavik then an ultra private vow reading ceremony at the top of a 405ft canyon, and even some Mars and Venus in between. (I kid, kinda.) Then, a Day After session at BrewDog craft beer bar to really round out every bit of their personalities.

I must say, Alexandria & Luke’s Iceland Elopement & Reykajvík Photo Session the next day was breathtaking and perfect. But not as amazing as they are as humans.

I knew from the start that these two and their elopement was going to be something special. We vibed from the very beginning and I could really tell they were two beautiful souls. They put their complete trust in me to build and create their day so I did everything I could to honor their trust. I knew her dress was handmade and yellow and something very special to her, so I wanted to make sure the locations I took them to would make her dress the secret star of the show. Their elopement was so intentional and filled with their personalities and dynamic. They wanted a day to themselves, where they could just be themselves, together. It was very important to them t have this moment that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. I am beyond honored and completely humbled I got to experience their love and document it all day long as we adventured through the F-Roads of Iceland and some of the most epic landscapes on Earth.

When couples choose to elope, I know that it is a heavy decision. It might be easier to commit to an elopement than others, but each decision to elope comes with heavy feelings. The feelings could be overwhelming with happiness & adventure, or overcoming the feelings of guilt from pressures from family. Eloping is something that is so special and I take that to heart. I do my best to honor that decision with every couple that chooses me to guide them through THEIR perfect day. Alexandria & Luke really wanted privacy, a feeling of adventure and wander, and to be taken care of all day. I said ‘hold me beer’, and took off running with these two.

If you’re still on the fence about eloping or possibly pissing off any family members- I say do it. You won’t regret it and you only get one life so honor your love how you both want to.

BrewDog Reykjavík Day After Session

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