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In a society with billions of different souls swimming together, the world overwhelmingly lacks the ability to empower each other to truly be themselves & celebrate the unique choices they make.

iceland elopement at waterfall

Close your eyes & envision feeling empowered to be totally yourselves on your wedding day. To feel relaxed, feel free, & commit to having a unique wedding that is about just the two of you & the love you are committing to. Where the entire day just feels right and feels like you. As someone who has always marched to the beat of my own drum, I fully understand how much courage it takes to celebrate in your own way. When you start your marriage feeling empowered to have a wedding built on intention & your connection, magic will happen. I want you to imagine, dream big & reach your dream. Say your vows in a way that makes you shine your brightest. That’s everything.

That is what drives me to not only support you, but empower you to celebrate your unique selves in any way you want.

Your wedding is so much more than just going to epic locations & having beautiful photos. It’s the foundation you are building your lives on, together. It’s a way to say ‘heck no’ to the societal norms that do not light your fire. Your elopement is a dedicated, intentional celebration of your love & uniqueness. Be present the entire day without distractions. I’m beyond honored that I get to help empower you & show you the path to creating a wedding that’s a reflection of who you are. Where you feel completely aligned with your true selves.

That’s what this life is about. And that’s what drives me to support you both.

Steph zakas elopements

Hey, I’m Steph! You can call me your Elopement Yoda.

As an elopement guide, I believe in the power of elopements & how liberating they are. Creating a space for intention, love, & a unique celebration experience for your wedding. Empowering you to the wedding that feels right & telling your beautiful story.

I understand that planning something so meaningful & unique is not easy & time consuming. Especially in a location you barely know. I am here to help guide you through the entire experience, giving you some clarity & embolden you to make the choices that feel right in your soul.

Everyone deserves a wedding that will give them goosies reliving again & again. Your dream wedding can come to life. Together we will make whatever whacky, wild, fun thing that makes you both shine your absolute brightest together happen. It is not complicated when you have a helping hand along the way who empowers you to just be yourselves. Your elopement matters & is super important to me.


Adventure Weddings & Elopements located in Iceland.

Exciting. Influential. Authentic.

Adventuring around can be done anywhere, but working with me is an experience. From the very minute you reach out to me, it is my top priority to make you feel safe, comfortable, & excited about your wedding. I am someone who cares. I know exactly what needs to be done, where to take you, and how to make you feel like the world is yours for the day. I’m a creative problem solver, someone who inherently understands your desire to stay unique, & someone who will be just as excited as you are on your wedding.

If this sounds like what you have been searching for, take it as a sign that the universe has your back. Reach out and let’s start the conversation about making your wedding come to life.


Get cozy, make some coffee, & snuggle up to your boo.
Check out some Adventure Love Stories with these cuties.

same sex iceland wedding

Leigh & Molly

A completely private elopement on a black sand beach during sunset.

iceland elopement in cave

Megan & Jerry

A wedding adventure full of wind, rain, mood & laughter.

iceland elopement in black church

Melissa & Ben

Their celebration was meaningful, unique, & full of love for each other.

My couples are amazing & say the most wonderful things.


Based in Iceland & I will travel anywhere you want me.


Your wedding story will not be missing any of those ‘in between’ moments.

You two running through the rain with big ole’ belly laughs, tiny touches,
& forehead kisses.

Those are the bees knees.



Helpful planning resources for your elopement.

Take a little peep at some full galleries & see what their day looked like.

iceland vow renewal

Katelyn & Johnny

The day was so windy, a bit wild, & had a whole lot of love. Katelyn & Johnny wanted a vow reading that was special & private for just themselves.

iceland elopement on sea cliffs

Melissa & Ben

Inspiring, emotional, & breathtaking. This elopement was filled with tiny moments that made their day completely unique.

iceland elopement

Makenna & Isiah

In the middle of winter without the sun coming up the entire day. They wanted a day to themselves, to celebrate, and to have a full day experience.

 “Stephanie was such a fantastic photographer.

She did our engagement pics and our wedding pics. From the getgo she was extremely professional, her communication skills were ON POINT. She always answered any questions or concerns right away. As a photographer, her eye for the most amazing shots ever is a thing of beauty. She was very unobtrusive and seemingly was everywhere all at once. I love love love her sense of humor, she’s just so super fun and laid back. Seriously. You need to stop looking at other photographers and BOOK HER. You can thank me later when you get your fantastic photos.” - Holly & Kate