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Holy cannoli,
you are actually getting married.

 Adventure Wedding & Elopement Photographer
Iceland x US x World

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing Stephanie is. Besides being an incredibly talented photographer, which is obviously what you’re looking for when booking your wedding photographer, she is an amazing human being. Because of her fun spirit, laid back personality, and kind heart my husband and I were instantly at ease.
— Kelsey + Laser


You are about to have an epic wedding adventure with your best friend, your Jim to your Pam, your NPH to your David.

You’re about to embark on one of the most amazing, fantastic, whirlwind experiences of your life. You are getting married to our dang soulmate.This is honestly one of the biggest decisions of your life, marriage isn't easy and planning a wedding is definitely not easy. It doesn't matter if you are declaring your love to each other under a waterfall in Iceland or in the Scottish Highlands in the foggy mist.

It still takes thought and finding people to be by your side that you trust and feel good around.

Well babes, this is where I come in like a Knightess in effing armor.

Fun. Seamless. Comfortable. Adventure with purpose.

Getting married on an adventure is the icing on the cake, but the cake is having the best experience you can possibly have for your wedding, and that’s where my cake loving self comes in. Working with me is like having a backup singer to your wedding, I am your #1 supporter and the one elevating your experience as you headline the show. I am not just your photographer, I am your planner, and I honestly do whatever it takes to give you a badass, fun, seamless, smooth time while letting your ‘I am awkward in front of a camera’ wall down.

I am an instant friend, someone who inherently gets you and fully supports your decision in eloping and has adventure running through my veins. I am a laid back person who is a perfect mix of ‘go with the flow’, dad jokes, and ‘get shit done’. And as far as Iceland goes- no one knows it like I do.

I am going to give you a kickass experience as your Iceland Wedding Photographer & Adventure Elopement Photographer. Hands down.


The tea:
I am the perfect storm of ‘badass’ that meets ‘I actually do care about you.’

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I have always been that type of person who paves my own way from the ground up. I have never been one to give in to the norms and have always had this deep rooted love of adventure and seeing new things. I hike in my Doc Martens or Vans, I do things my own way, which is why I feel so fricken lucky that I get to not only make my living from documenting humans living their best life in really amazing places, but documenting these humans who have said ‘no thanks’ to the wedding norms and are doing their day how they want it.

You can hear me say, and see me post, how I legit feel like I have the best job ever. BECAUSE IT’S TRUE.

I get to help couples make their dream wedding by helping them plan everything they will need for the day by using my born gift of wanting to help people paired with my natural artistic abilities that just can’t be taught. I bring the fun, the energy, the excitement when the light is hitting the mountain peaks just right, and one too many dad jokes.

I am an artist turned planner, not a planner with a camera. There is a difference.

I will hold your dress up when you need to pee, I will show you how to walk down that slippery slope without eating shit, I will help you with your wedding vendors, with getting legally married in the country of your choice, I will help you with where to book that Airbnb, I will never put you in harms way for a photo, I am a travel expert, and I will probably try to talk you into ordering pizza or having all-you-can-eat soup after your wedding with me.


I give your story justice by not missing any of those ‘in between’ moments.

Based in Iceland. Will travel anywhere you want me. Bags are packed.


Adventure with Purpose.

Part of what drew me to documenting elopements & intimate destination weddings is because the wedding industry is quite harmful on the environment AND puts people into debt. I am not about that. #elopefortheplanet is ethos I live by. With an estimated 2.5 million weddings a year, which creates 1 billion tons of trash and is the equivalent in emissions as 4 people would produce in a year in a single day. When you elope, you are saying no to this, adventuring with purpose, and helping the environment. Your money isn’t going into a lot of food waste, table decoration waste, and blowing through an amount of money that will take you many years to recover. Let’s help the planet together.


Real talk: you are going to be with me for a few months before your wedding and many hours the day of your wedding. You should get to know me, my style, and what I am all about. I have been told that I make people look like they are on the cover of a Romance Novel (hello, Fabio!) and that is basically the coolest compliment ever. Head on over to my Real Weddings blog, Instagram, my Pinterest, and my Facebook to gets some more of me. If you would like, make yourself an entire Pinterest board of your favorite images of mine so I can see what you dig when you inquire!

All our family and friends are obsessed with the photos. We cannot thank you enough!! You are incredible .
— Aansh & Tanya | South Iceland