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A tale of
your two universes colliding.

 Adventure Elopements & Intimate Weddings
Iceland x NYC x World

Holy cannoli, you are actually getting married.
Shit just got serious.
I got you.

You’re about to embark on one of the most amazing, fantastic, whirlwind experiences of your life.
You are committing yourselves to each other and that is a HUGE deal.
This is honestly one of the biggest decisions of your life, marriage isn't easy and planing a wedding is DEFINITELY not easy.
It doesn't matter if you are planning the cutest-most-adorable intimate wedding at a really funky, fun, offbeat venue in Brooklyn. Or, declaring your love to each other in a mossy valley under a waterfall surrounded by mountains in Iceland with only the two of you.
It still takes planning and planning is hard.

I mean come on- you also have a job and a life and want some couch time with a drink, some snacks, and Netflix. (Hello, same.)
Picking the right people to have next to you and trust to help you pull off your day so you don’t have to worry about a damned thing is time consuming.
You just want to be surrounded by love, have your own adventure, and have a really fuckin’ good time.

And, you want some BADASS photos to document it all.
The type of photos that give you goosebumps and make you go ‘IS THAT REALLY ME??’ The candid moments of you two being weird together, the photos of you having fun with everyone who came to CELEBRATE YOUR LOVE with you, the photos of all of the funny-in-20-yrs mishaps.
OH, and you want an easy processes because honey, adding one more THING TO DO in planning just isn’t in the cards.

Well babe, this is where I come in like a Knightess in effin’ armor.

You have to work with Steph. Not just for the fantastic, artistic, and important results, but for the process and personal experience. Steph’s communication, business, work ethic, and character are all just the best.
Steph fulfilled every single dream and expectation we could ever have had, and so many more above and beyond...
Steph has the best eye for the important, unicorn, most special photo-ops. She’s reliable, reachable, and excellent company to be around. We are so glad we found and chose Steph! We are so overwhelmed and over the moon with our wedding photos. You just have to have her be your photographer. Then you’ll get it. :) :)
— Kace + Scott | Brooklyn
iceland elopement

⤹I'm Steph and I am your shit-ton-of-fun Wedding Photographer you’ve been searching for.

Photo Credit of me and my notorious bun:  Ruthanne Z.

Photo Credit of me and my notorious bun: Ruthanne Z.

Photo Credit Kim Butler of me being me.

Photo Credit Kim Butler of me being me.

I'm an Iceland Elopement Photographer & Brooklyn Intimate Wedding Photographer for couples who think outside of the box.
You read that right, Iceland AND Brooklyn! I am based in both with a legal business in both. (Say whatttt). I don’t mess around.
You can also find me documenting couples living their best lives in any destination worldwide. I have been shooting Destination Weddings for the past 6yrs. This is what I do. Traveling is sort of my thang.

And no matter where in the world my couples come from or where the wedding is, I give them all the same kickass, simple, frolicking-from-location-to-location experience. I will hold your drink when you hike up your dress to go pee, I will help you put on that double sided sticky tape, and I will help you when your bowtie starts looking a bit wasted.

I know how complicated planning a wedding is and I want to help you sigh with a sense of relief that you don’t have to worry about anything with me. During our quick Skype date you will see what booking Zakas Photography is all about.

I have been published dozens of times, from weddings to editorial work, including Rangefinder Magazine and Vogue Italia Photovogue.  I honestly am just one lucky lady that I get to adventure around the world doing what I love and giving my clients an amazing experience. At end of the day I genuinely just want you to be over-the-moon about your photos and come out of the other side with a new friend.

You can find my work in some of these really awesome spots. *blush*


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