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“Steph will make you will feel about your wedding the same way you feel when listening to Lizzo.”
- The New York Times**

**Ok ok, The New York Times never said this.
But, one of my past couples DID say this:

“Whoever you are, and whatever you’re doing, just stop. In your inundating search for the best photographer, you have ended up here reading about Steph which means your search has ended - hoorah!
I can promise you that she is exactly what you want and honestly, she is exactly what you need.”
- Alexandria & Luke

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Imagine saying your vows in a private canyon??

Or on top of a glacier, on a volcano crater, or in a valley surrounded by mountains?
What if you could start your marriage off how YOU wanted and not focusing on details like decorations or feeling the anxiety of being the star of a giant event?

What if you could think of what matters to you & your love, create your wedding around what is IMPORTANT to you- instead of what you’re told you need?

You could wake up on your wedding morning in a cute AF cabin beneath a mountain pass, cuddle your love as you stuff your faces with pancakes & coffee, put on your wedding clothes & help each other tie your hiking boots. You can set off on an adventure, making out while hiking, & grabbing each other’s butts on tops of mountains.

You can have the day you want while having a guide who has done this endless times, already knows the answers, & can dream with you.

I’m an Adventure Elopement Photographer & Guide based in Iceland (and ready to travel anywhere) with a super human power of helping you forget that you’re ‘awkward’ & ‘look weird in photos’. (That’s fake news.)


I’m here to be your Elopement Yoda & show you the way of the Force by empowering & guiding you as you realize you had it in you all along to rip down societies rules of what you should be doing for your wedding- no matter where in the world it is.

I will make you feel so comfortable that you forget all of your previous being-in-front-of-a-camera hangups. Your wedding won’t feel like a long photoshoot, it will feel like you’re being guided through a magical adventure, like a Hobbit looking for gold from a dragon.

Nothing resonates with me more than being able to support others as they choose to blaze their own trail and be authentic to themselves.

By being able to be unapologetically yourself, you will have an experience with your partner that will make you closer & stronger together, changing you for the better.


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I can promise you that she is exactly what you want and honestly, she is exactly what you need. Steph is passionate about love and it shows; not only in her indescribable pictures but even in the way she interacts with you. It is so evident that her motivation is to make your day exactly what you want it be…and then go beyond that to exceed your wildest expectations! She *makes you feel like she’s your closest friend that you allowed to witness your most lovingly important moment (*and make no mistake, it’s genuine - she truly does want to be your best friend).
— Alexandria & Luke
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5 Lessons on Choosing to Elope (and One NOT to).

“My background within this industry is a long and winding one, which thankfully I made my way into my true passion- helping couples elope & documenting them being badasses in nature.”


Wedding & Elopement Planning is overwhelming.
- But, it doesn’t have to be.

It’s simple if you have the right guide & someone who can guide you through the process.

Scotland elopement photography | elopement planner

My aim is for you to feel exited about your wedding & confident that it’s the wedding you’re meant to have through guiding you & crafting your unique experience.

LGBTQ elopement photos | adventure elopement
I cannot overstate how awesome it was to have a photographer who knows the country so well. It took a ton of stress off of me to have her able to pick out locations and plan our elopement day. She really did the work of both a photographer and planner. The day of the elopement, Steph made us feel so comfortable and was so easy to be around.
— Danielle & Cynthia


I’m Steph Zakas, AKA your Elopement Yoda.

You will have a guide with you who has planned & executed adventure weddings all over the world time and time again. You won’t need to stay up late on Google trying to find information and not knowing if it’s even correct. I’m here to make it easier on you because I already have the process for you. You can spend your nights after work cuddling on the couch together with pizza and beer, instead.



Helping you create your day & find your unique path is the peanut butter to my jam.

I want you to Celebrate your love together
& say your vows privatly in an epic location,
while adventuring & eating snacks.



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Want to stop spending so much of your free time planning & thinking about your wedding?

Download the EASIEST, bare bones ELOPEMENT CHECKLIST that has all of the necessities you need for your elopement, in order, without any of the wedding industry noise.

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No number of stars, up-votes, thumbs-up or hearts could adequately reflect how awesome Steph is.
Her work speaks for itself, but breathtaking, remarkable, gorgeous, amazing, magical and a few choice expletives were common feedback I received when sharing her photos from our Iceland adventure elopement. She checks all the boxes and throws a few in for kicks: creative, extremely talented/disciplined, very professional (dialed in!), passionate, considerate, communicative, fair and fun! I couldn’t be happier to give Steph my highest recommendation.
— Ayaka & Drew



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Stress less & be excited.
relaxed & be fearless.
Intimate vows & epic locations.

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Finding the right guide is the hardest part.


I’m here to help & serve you. The only thing that matters is that you have an experience that will make your relationship stronger at end of the day.

With endless options at your finger tips for wedding planning in today’s world, it’s never been easier to have an experience that truly speaks to your soul. 

You may not have a decision made on where to have your wedding & elopement, or how to make it happen, or even the confidence yet to declare exactly what the wedding of your dreams actually is.

You just know you want it to mean more.

It’s really easy to feel relaxed, natural, & fearless after finding the right guide to help you solve these problems.