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This adventure is only yours.

Adventure Elopement Photographer & Guide.
Based in Iceland

I can’t recommend Steph enough.
Steph made me feel relaxed and excited about my wedding, allowing me to just enjoy it while she captured stunning shots of me and my husband as we really are… she took us to amazing locations, and was incredibly knowledgeable about the places we went. Because of her guidance and expertise, my husband and I were able to experience natural wonders we never would have found on our own.
— Megan & Jerry

Fun. Relaxed. Be Yourself.
You’re in good hands.

You deserve a wedding that will give you goosies looking back on it, an adventure that’s uniquely yours, where outside opinions don’t exist. You also deserve having the stress & mystery of planning taken away.

You deserve more than just a photographer for your wedding, wherever in the world it is.

You’ll have an Adventure Elopement Guide- your own Elopement Yoda- to show you the path to your own badass wedding of your dang dreams.

And, as far as Iceland goes- no one knows it better to give you the help you need, the authentic belly laughs & wedding you want.
Hands down.


Getting married to your best friend on an adventure is the icing on the cake.

iceland wedding in snow

But, the cake is:


Having your stress taken away.

The courage to have a wedding how your soul really wants.

The freedom to make your wedding about just your love over everything else.

Having an experience that brings the focus onto you two, no other distractions involved.

That’s where my cake loving self comes in to help you.

Imagine feeling free enough to just be yourselves together without having to worry about anything else.

adventure elopement west iceland

How fricken’ awesome is it saying your vows to each other in an epic location?

While having someone in your corner the whole time supporting your celebration? It’s pretty fricken’ awesome. You’ll have a friend from day one & getting that planning taken off your plate. You will see unreal, secret locations, get to be as free as you really are with your gosh dang soulmate. You don’t need to be a model to have epic photos hitting you in the feels that make you look like you’re in a romance novel. (Hello, Fabio!)

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Saying your vows somewhere special without the pressures of the wedding industry.

logo zakas iceland

Having someone who truly cares about your celebration & makes you feel comfortable.

logo zakas iceland

The smoothest ride you can have with planning.

I can't even begin to explain how amazing Stephanie is.

Besides being an incredibly talented photographer, which is obviously what you’re looking for when booking your wedding photographer, she is an amazing human being. Because of her fun spirit, laid back personality, and kind heart my husband and I were instantly at ease.
— Kelsey + Laser


Hey, I’m Steph! An artist turned planner, not a planner with a camera.
There is a difference.

Photo by Ruthanne Z. Photography

Photo by Ruthanne Z. Photography

‘The eye’ & ability to get real personalities in front of a camera- you either have it or you don’t. You’ll have photos you can feel that will give you goosebumps because any ‘awkward in front of a camera’ mood will be left at home (boy, bye). You’ll be taken into the epic & secret locations I’ve scouted where your true selves can be free & feel no pressure in front of the camera. Owning a camera and using it as an added service is not something you deserve for your wedding day. Your elopement is fucking special & deserves someone who pays attention to all of the details.

Your wedding will get the extra hand, the endless knowledge of Iceland & Elopement expertise, the network & organization. You’ll always have quick communications & a friend to bounce ideas off of. You want to know the best breweries & restaurants? I got you.



Weddings photographed: 6 countries & 13 U.S. states.


Number of miles in flight last year. That equals 3.58x’s around the Earth.

zakas photo

Just some fun you might like.


Flights last year.


Number of locations (so far) I have secretly scouted for you in Iceland, Scotland, California, & more.

Get cozy, make some coffee, snuggle up to your boo,
and check out some of these Adventure Love Stories & Planning Tips.

Your wedding story will not be missing any of those ‘in between’ moments. You two running through the rain with big ole’ belly laughs, tiny touches, & forehead kisses. Those are the bees knees.

Not getting married in Iceland?? NBD!
I will travel anywhere you want me because my bags are already packed.


Adventure with Purpose. #elopefortheplanet

With every wedding booked, a portion will be donated to a charity to help preserve the world we adventure through.

Let’s help the planet together.


All our family and friends are obsessed with the photos. We cannot thank you enough!! You are incredible .
— Aansh & Tanya