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Feeling a bit overwhelmed with your wedding planning?

It might be because it’s not the wedding you’re meant to have.

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Isn’t it funny how expectations can cripple you, especially when you are trying to plan something amazing for yourself?
Yet, everyone else makes it about them.

I feel that in my bones.

That is something I have felt my entire life while trying to do what makes me happy & feeling the pressures to conform to make the people around me happy.

It has been a constant fight against the grain to ensure I stay true to myself, my wants, & my interests. Because, I believe that being true to you is the best gift you can give to yourselves.

I am here to help you create your unique path to having a wedding that makes you feel completely free, comfortable, & true to your self. 


I fully believe that being your genuine self is the most
amazing & critical thing you can do in your life.
I help & support you to have a wedding in Iceland or around the world that reflects that.


I’m Steph Zakas, AKA your Elopement Yoda.

I’ve been the one to be a bit different my entire life. I’m the only person in my family to not stay in our hometown, to listen to metal, & to forge my own path from the ground up. I never take life too seriously & find humor whenever I can.

I’m not saying traditional weddings are bad or shame anyone who sees their wedding this way. I’m saying it is OK to NOT want a wedding like that & to decide on having an experience that will change you for the better. 


I’m here to empower that feeling & say ‘no thanks’ to spending money on things that won’t matter tomorrow, to having an experience instead of being the center of attention.

I’m here to give you the opportunity to make it happen.


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iceland elopement wedding photographer

Do you want to feel
relaxed & fearless
on your elopement day

& have an experience that will make your relationship even stronger?


With endless options at your finger tips for wedding planning in today’s world, it’s never been easier to have an experience that truly speaks to your soul. 

You may not have a decision made on where to have your wedding & elopement, or how to make it happen, or even the confidence yet to declare exactly what the wedding of your dreams actually is. You just know you want it to mean more.

It’s really easy to feel relaxed & fearless after finding the right guide to help you solve these problems.

Finding the right guide is the hard part.


If you still feel guilty about making such a bold decision to have the wedding you really want & haven’t yet found the confidence to be un-stuck from traditions- it likely has nothing to do with you. 


Given the pressures society puts on wedding & elopement planning, or your family having a different vision for your celebration than you, it’s quite amazing you’re strong enough to seek out the possibility for something different.

Just you being strong enough to seek out the possibility to do something a little different is pretty dang amazing in itself.

Let’s make your dream wedding experience happen.

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what it feels like to have a guide for your elopement & adventure wedding.

Megan & Jerry

“Steph made me feel relaxed and excited about my wedding, allowing me to just enjoy it while she captured stunning shots of me and my husband as we really are.”

I can't recommend Steph enough. She is accomodating and fun while still professional and organized, not to mention extremely talented. Steph made me feel relaxed and excited about my wedding, allowing me to just enjoy it while she captured stunning shots of me and my husband as we really are. When we were in Iceland she took us to amazing locations, and was incredibly knowledgeable about the places we went. Because of her guidance and expertise, my husband and I were able to experience natural wonders we never would have found on our own, and because of Steph's talent, we have those moments captured in time. I just want to keep hiring her! And seriously, her work is remarkable.”

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what having a guide for your elopement & adventure wedding feels like.

Lindsay & Ryan

“Steph was perfect! After our initial introductory chat we knew immediately we wanted to work with her.

She made us so excited and reassured about our decision to elope and especially excited about eloping in Iceland.

She was clearly passionate about weddings and specifically elopements and we knew we wanted her to be the person to join our day. Steph was so easy to talk to run questions and concerns by, super quick to respond any time we had a question or wanted feedback on our planning.

On the day of Steph took care of the itinerary (we had a call prior to talk through our vision for the day) and took us on an adventure to some of the iconic and also very unexpected locations.

Our vow/ring exchange was everything we'd hoped it would be. We couldn't have been happier with our decision to elope and to have Steph be our guide through it all.

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