From overwhelmed, confused, & uncertain. 

To confident, excited, & at ease.


This experience isn’t about props or buying things that will not matter in 2yrs. It’s about the true sense of adventure. It’s about being on a once-in-a-lifetime experience and having a day that will change you for the rest of your lives. 

It’s about the wonder of human connections and creating a bond that is even stronger at the end of the day than when the day started. 

iceland wedding at longragar

It’s not about what centerpieces you feel OK about, it’s about looking at the love of your life and knowing that they understand you better than anyone else. It’s about you wanting to dedicate an entire trip and make a space to celebrate that love, acceptance, commitment, and strength. 
Through this process you will find the path to have the wedding your soul wants, the plan to make it all come together with ease, and overcome the overwhelm. 


A few FAQ, a few answers.



Do you document Adventure Elopements & Weddings outside of Iceland?

Yes, I love to travel! I have documented weddings in 6 countries & you can always find me hopping on a plane. Being an American in Iceland, I also am frequently back in the States.


We are interested in a cinematic film, do you offer this?

Under my brand I currently don’t offer video filmmaking services. However, I do offer partner Elopement & Adventure Wedding Videography packages with my filmmaker of choice. On our chat we can discuss the details of hiring us both, together!


Do you help with any elopement planning & have elopement planning packages? We literally have no idea what we are doing.

Hecken heck yeah I do. I help you with full planning to basic planning with all vendors. Or, if you want horses, helicopters, volcanic caves, whatever you’re dreaming up. I have an extensive network so even if not in Iceland I can still lend a planning hand.


We have not picked out our wedding destination yet, is that ok?

Absolutely! We can talk about the locations that are on the top of your list. Patagonia, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Yosemite, wherever it might be. Once decided, we will create a custom timeline & location itinerary for your wedding. I got you covered.


Do you document Adventure Intimate weddings with guests?

I do! I document elopements and tiny weddings, usually weddings with less than 40 guests. If you are bringing some loved ones along for the fun, we can talk about how your adventure itinerary & transportation will work on our chat.


Do you offer Adventure Photo sessions that are not weddings?

If you want to adventure, I want to be there! I also offer Engagement sessions, vow renewals, honeymoon sessions, maternity, couples being in love, & secret proposals. If you are wanting an Adventure Editorial or Lifestyle session, we can also make that happen.


How does the process work with booking you?

I will be honest for a second, I have worked endlessly for years to create an experience for you that is so much more than ‘getting some awesome photos’. I understand that wedding & vacation planning is time consuming, can be stressful, & likely another thing on your plate. So, the process with booking & working with me is as easy as possible to help alleviate the extra stress. Our initial consult is over the phone so I can learn about you, my Wedding Collections are easy to pick, & your planning is a breeze with getting guidance. You’ll get planning assistance no matter what Collection you decide on and every Collection comes with you having an absolute fun, relaxing, & badass time.


What does an Elopement day feel like?

Your elopement day will feel like you are on top of the world. It’s a day we have crafted together to make you feel completely authentic & comfortable enough to let your walls down. It does not feel like a long photoshoot. Instead, it feels like something absolutely breathtakingly special. It feels like the world is yours for the day while adventuring with your love in an intimate space. You can be as awkward, mushy, or goofy as you want. These are your vows & your promises to each other so feel free to say them however you want.


Do you have suggestions for breweries, restaurants, & day trips?

Oh yeah I do. ‘All-you-can-eat-soup’ is my middle name. I travel a lot and my main hobby while traveling is eating. So even if your wedding isn’t in Iceland, I can still toss some suggestions your way. Because, food.


What are the next steps?

Fill out the contact form to say hi, set up your consult, & then tell me about what you are envisioning for your day. We will work together to make your dream wedding happen.