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If there is one important thing I can help you with, it is that your wedding photographer is possibly the best investment on your wedding day. And being an Iceland local AND a travel obsessed weirdo, I have so much I can offer you to help.

I am not ‘just’ a wedding photographer, I am your elopement guide, tour guide, and friend. When the food has been eaten, your flowers are dead, and all of your decorations are gone- your photographs are the only thing left to tell your story the way your day unfolded. Investing in a photographer that can tell your story without being intrusive, who will document as the day goes on instead of focusing on the ‘cheesiest poses’, and can leave your images with a sense of awe and wonder is oh-so-important. When you two are old and telling your story to the next generations of loved ones, being able to still feel and remember exactly how you felt in those moments is something that is priceless.

My number one goal, forever and always, is to tell your story authentically, capturing the best moments and details, for you to remember forever. I want you to have fun on your day, no matter where in the world we are. I want your experience to be unlike any other you have had.

Picking the right person to do this is essential and should be someone you can become friends with and are comfortable letting down your walls around. The photographer is with the couple the most out of the day, more than parents and more than best friends. Having someone who can make you laugh, make you feel comfortable and confident, and make you feel like they are your friend with a camera is what I am all about. I live to capture your wonderful weirdness together.

Photo by Kyle Goldie at my Iceland Photography Workshop, 2018.

Photo by Kyle Goldie at my Iceland Photography Workshop, 2018.

Based in Reykjavík, Iceland // Will Travel Anywhere

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