I’m Steph Zakas,
AKA your Adventure Elopement Yoda.

I’m more than‘just’ your Elopement Photographer in Iceland.

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”
- MichaEl Scott, The Office


I’ve been the black sheep my entire life & I’ve always had to find the strength within myself to stay unapologetically me.

It made me realize I want to help & support others as they make decisions going against the grain that will make them the different one.

Because, I think being yourself & being able to have the confidence to be different is so special.

We are the misfits of the wedding industry & here to shake up the traditions.


Based in Iceland, but you can take me anywhere. I’ve documented lovebirds in 6 countries and 15 US States.


I am a bit of a nerd, watch The Office too much, like to crack jokes, & am a certified beer expert. (Yeah, that’s a thing). You can also find me at the Lebowski Bar for a burger & trivia more often than I’d like to admit.

But honestly, I’m just beyond stoked I get to empower couples to be themselves & go off the beaten path of life. I’ve ALWAYS been that person to swim against the grain & just do life how I want to do life.

My life’s been unconventional & wild, which is why I love empowering you to do the same. It might not come easy for everyone, so I am here as your cheerleader to say “YES YOU CAN DO THE THING & who cares what anyone else thinks!” Yes you can have a wedding that you want & say “fork off” to what you’ve been told should happen.

This is YOUR chance to feel free, so why not do it?

vw van

I get to bring the magic
(with snacks & bubbly).
You get to relax & have a rad time.

This is the part I’m supposed to tell you I have been documenting weddings for over 10yrs. Or, how much coffee I drink, flew a total of 3.58x’s around the Earth last year, that I play roller derby, that I fricken’ love cats, or used to be a Production Coordinator for GIANT NYC productions.

But that’s not important.

What’s important is that you can trust me with your dreams, with guiding you along the way, & with giving you my heart and soul every second of your wedding. You will have someone to help you walk down that slope without eating shit. You’ll always have quick communications. You want to know the best breweries & restaurants? I got you.


(Yeah, I hike in Vans.)

elopement photographer winner

NEWS FLASH!! (#humblebrag moment)

Wandering Weddings Elopement Photographer Contest Winner 2019!!

Travel Schedule 2019

March // Ireland 
April // New York City
May // New York City
June // Catskills
July // Scotland
September // Italy & Scotland & Colorado
October // Colorado

My schedule is still TBD as places get added. I have documented in: Iceland, Norway, Mexico, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, England, United States National Parks & 12 States.

Last year: Traveled 89,157 miles in air, 49 flights, 6 countries, 12 U.S. states.


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