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Who am I?


Im a one of those people that has a lot of stories. I'm an Adventure Wedding & Elopement Photographer based in Reykjavík, Iceland but as an American with an Icelandic company- I document adventure weddings all over the United States, the UK, and anywhere else my couples bring me. I am the expert traveler, the person who helps if you need someone to guide you and help plan your wedding in an area you are unfamiliar with. I give my couples the best experience they can have with a photographer in Iceland or beyond. I am more than ‘just’ a photographer. You can also find me documenting couples living their best lives in any destination worldwide. I have been shooting Destination Weddings for the past 6yrs. This is what I do. Traveling is sort of my thang.

If you are adventuring in Iceland, I am an Iceland local and I give you an amazing experience for your day and not just take photos of you. I know that sounds cheesy and other people throw around the word ‘experience’, but I honestly have worked very hard to create an entire experience around your time with me: before and during your wedding day.

I am more than just a photographer. I am your friend with a camera with a badass business to help you. I will hold your bouquet when you hike up your dress to climb up some rocks, I will help you put on that double sided sticky tape, and I will help you when your bowtie starts looking a bit wasted. I love to give all of my soul and all of my knowledge to my couples. I love using my ability to make awkward people come out of their shell and just have fun with their day. Most of all, I love helping others and giving them an absolute unforgettable experience they cherish for the rest of their lives.

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I am passionate about traveling and I am in love with volcanos, glaciers, and the sea.
In 2018 alone, I flew an equivalent of 3.58x’s around the Earth. (And I am still alive!).
So I understand that same passion for new experiences and how seeing a new spot on this beautiful planet & being connected to nature is the best feeling to be in.
I am the type of person who has a pile of poop tattooed on my leg - I don’t take life too seriously. I play roller derby so I can dub as your bouncer. I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are laughing and having a great time.

My story is a pretty fun story, remind me to tell you some of it as we adventure along together. And, remind me to tell you when Bradley Cooper screamed at my face in NYC. Or when Amanda Palmer was naked in my car in Iceland.

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Steph’s not only talented as a photographer...but as a storyteller and writer as well!!!
I knew that I was about to meet with an amazing photographer...but never expected to fall in love so much with the person behind the camera. With you it was Friendship as first sight!!! Love you so much!! P.S I still gasp at the photos even if its the hundredth time that I look at it!!!!
— Anne & Christian | West Iceland