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Truth is, I believe tiny weddings are the best way for you to truly be yourself on your wedding day.

I love empowering you do so. Eloping could have a handful of loved ones with you, or just the two of you. I’ve documented weddings on all ends of the spectrum & the way people feel when saying their vows privately to one another and having a wedding based on intention can’t be topped. The connection you two have during the entire day without being interrupted by other events is the absolute best. Eloping no longer means secret & shame. It is a powerful stance of saying ‘no thanks’ to the pressures of the wedding norms & takes courage. It’s about taking back the meaning of your ceremony & making it about your unique relationship. It’s about having an amazing story that is the intention, promises, & foundation of your lives together.


I just happen to be lucky enough to document your unique day without missing those important frames that will matter to you in 20yrs.

Just hanging out in a volcano crater with a past bride. NBD.

Just hanging out in a volcano crater with a past bride. NBD.

Lucky enough to help you plan your important celebration, plan your locations & day, & really be there for you entirely. I fell insanely grateful that we get to jump up & down together when the sunlight is hitting the mountains just right, climb up that volcano together, tell your story through what I see happening in those moments, & usually end up crying behind the camera as you pour your guts out to each other. Who wouldn’t feel lucky?? I get to bring the magic and you get to relax and have a rad time.

This is the part I’m supposed to tell you how much coffee I drink, flew a total of 3.58x’s around the Earth last year, that I play roller derby, that I fricken’ love cats, or used to be a Production Coordinator for GIANT NYC productions. But that’s not important. What’s important is that you can trust me with your dreams, with guiding you along the way, & with giving you my heart and soul every second of your wedding. You can get help planning every little detail if you want it, you can have the stress taken off your plate, & you will have someone to help you walk down that slope without eating shit. You’ll always have quick communications & a friend to bounce ideas off of. You want to know the best breweries & restaurants? I got you.




As an elopement guide,
I believe in bringing your dreams to life.
Creating a space for intention, love, & a unique celebration experience for your wedding.

Empowering you to the wedding that feels right & telling your beautiful story.
And, making some wizardly magic for you.


(Yeah, I hike in Vans. It’s true.)

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 Check out the amazing publications some love birds have been featured in after our wedding adventure! (#humblebrag).

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…and more coming soon I can’t talk about yet….shhhh. Stay tuned.

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Travel Schedule 2019

March // Ireland
April // New York City
May // New York City
September // Italy & Scotland

My schedule is still TBD as places get added. Last year I was in 6 countries and 12 U.S. states so I am just getting started!

“Steph’s not only talented as a photographer...but as a storyteller and writer as well!

I knew that I was about to meet with an amazing photographer...but never expected to fall in love so much with the person behind the camera. With you it was Friendship as first sight!!! Love you so much!! P.S I still gasp at the photos even if its the hundredth time that I look at it!!!! -Anne & Christian