notes for about me page:
I have always been that type of person who paves my own way from the ground up and have always had this deep rooted love of adventure and seeing new things. I hike in my Vans, I do things my own way, which is why I feel so fricken lucky that I get to document humans who have said ‘no thanks’ to the wedding norms and are doing their day how they want it.

Helping couples plan their dream wedding with everything they will need for the day, using my born gift of wanting to serve others paired with my natural artistic abilities, is something that just can’t be taught. Bringing you the fun, the energy, & the excitement when the light is hitting the mountain peaks just right. Plus, making you laugh with my sweet jokes.

I will hold your dress up when you need to pee, I will show you how to walk down that slippery slope without eating shit, I will help you with your wedding vendors, with getting legally married in the country of your choice, I will help you with where to book that Airbnb, I will never put you in harms way for a photo, I am a travel expert, and I will probably try to talk you into ordering pizza or having all-you-can-eat soup after your wedding with me.