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Iceland Elopement Photographer & Brooklyn Intimate Wedding Photographer
For Adventure Loving Souls.

(Gettin' to the good stuff. ⤵)

Love notes from Zakas Photography couples! *cue my tears*⤵


“You have to work with Steph.

Not just for the fantastic, artistic, and important results,
but for the process and personal experience. Steph's communication, business, work ethic, and character are all just the best. From our engagement shoot, to the rehearsal dinner, to the wedding day...Steph has the best eye for the important, unicorn, most special photo-ops. She's reliable, reachable, and excellent company to be around. We are so glad we found and chose Steph! We are so overwhelmed and over the moon with our wedding photos. It's not enough to write this just have to have her be your photographer. Then you'll get it. :) :)”
- Kacie & Scott | Intimate Wedding in Manhattan


Stephanie made our wedding wonderful!

She is a fantastically talented photographer, a knowledgeable guide and a great person. As soon as we reached out to Stephanie, we knew we were in good hands. She was familiar with the location in Iceland where we were eloping, had ideas for our ceremony and the photoshoot afterwards and was very helpful the day of the wedding. Best of all, her pictures are beautiful. Our friends and family are blown away by the quality and beauty of the photos. Overall, we had a great experience with Stephanie and highly recommend her to any couple considering a photographer.”
- Melissa & Ben | Iceland Elopement


Steph is literally the BEST photographer that you could wish for.

She made everything so easy in the run up, on the day and afterwards and having her there as part of our day meant the world to us! She has great suggestions, rolls with whats's going on but also steps in when time is running away (which is what you need on such a hectic day) and her excellent sense of humour makes her a delight to be around. She somehow manages to sneak around without you realising she's there to get the most amazing shots. Could not recommend Steph enough!”
- Flo & Matt | Intimate Wedding in London, UK


From to start to finish, Stephanie was extremely professional, artistic, creative, and amicable

She made the whole process, from preparing our time line to the day of the wedding, easy. Her calm and quick thinking demeanor helped our wedding move along smoothly. A second shooter, was a great addition; they were a wonderful team. We are SO HAPPY we chose Stephanie to shoot our special day.”
- Elizabeth & Andy | Intimate Wedding in Manhattan


“Best wedding photographer ever!!!

I am an awkward is my new husband...but somehow Steph and her laid back and casual way made us enjoy being captured without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Also, is it weird when guests compliment the photographer before even seeing their work? She has a way of catching special and candid moments with such stealth. Girl’s got SKILLZ. Thank you, Stephanie, for making our big day extra special...and for venturing into the subway to capture some of our special request shots :)”
- Morgan & Jason | Intimate Wedding in Brooklyn


“Steph is the best ever.

I love her. I love her work. We just want to be her friend.”
- Phil & Griffin | Intimate Wedding in CT & Iceland Adventure Engagement Session


“I was planning our honeymoon in Iceland when I stumbled upon Stephanie's website. I just felt in love with her works.

It was not planned, but I had to have her capture a moment of our honeymoon in Iceland. From the start she made the whole process of working with her so easy. She was caring for every little details. On the day of the session, we discovered a really professional yet warm and easy going person to work with. We had so much fun- even if it was cold and rainy!! Upon receiving the pictures we were impress by the quality of her work. She made us look right out of a fairy tale while capturing our genuine selves. Thank you so much Stephanie!!!!!!!!! We will cherish those pictures for the rest of our life!!!! ❤️❤️❤️”
- Anne & Christian | Iceland Adventure Session

You get the idea. Working with me is basically the bees knees.

Ok, so what is my pricing to get me as your RIDE OR DIE during the day?
I keep my pricing simple as can be. It is 100% custom collections.
Seriously, who has time anymore to sift through Wedding Packages of different photographers and try to figure out the differences?
Trying to figure out what these overwhelming jumble of words is actually saying is not how I want to spend my Saturday with my boo, either.
It’s out dated and it tries to put you into a tightly packed box. You know what I say about that? Hell no.
You don’t deserve to be put in a box and told what to do. You know why?
Because you are a sparkle unicorn of this damn Earth and your wedding is NOT going to be like weddings back in ‘80s with fake silk galore and dumb wedding games. NO.
Your wedding is going to be the way that YOU want it. You want to elope for a few hours somewhere by the sea? Heck yeah. You want to only invite 50 people and get married in a brewery? YES YOU ARE. You do you, boo.

My collections are 100% custom.
You will build your own Wedding Collection.
It is a real choose your own adventure.


Seriously, it is all simple.

* My Intimate Wedding pricing starts at $4500.
The average spend is $5500.
* My Adventure Elopement pricing starts at $3500.
The average spend is $5500.
* My Destination Wedding pricing starts at $5500.
The average spend is $7000.

You then just add on what you want. Seriously. All of my weddings are different so we will work together to give you what you actually want when we have our Skype date together, not what you are forced to get. 100% Custom Collections.

+Want some more hours? Just add it by the hour.
+Do you want a second photographer? Just add it.
+Want an engagement session? Awesome, just add it at 50% off. (Spoiler Alert: you should get one with me.)
+Want a session the day after your epic Adventure Elopement because you are in a COOL ASS COUNTRY? Just add it.
+Want a gorgeous printed album? Just add it after your wedding right from your gallery.
+Want my sick jokes? THEY’RE FREE.

Easy huh? Yeah, easy.

My collections are 100% custom.
You will build your own Wedding Collection in only 3 steps.
That’s all there is to it. Easiest pricing structure ever.

If you don’t want any of the extra’s on your Custom Wedding & Adventure Elopement Collection,
that is not a problem at all. I like people who know what they want.
The most important thing right now is that you lock me in for your date.
My bookings are a first come, first served basis so you can lock me in now for just the base price.
We can ALWAYS add on more later if you decide you want a bit more adventure.


You will always get:

A print credit towards albums.
An online & mobile gallery for your badass photos.
A Highlight Gallery within 7 days so you can brag.
Your Final Gallery 6-8wks later.
My client experience to keep you organized with me.
Tips and tricks emails to help you out.
Me being in your corner.

So this is the part I am going to get a bit honest. It is not my first rodeo. I have been shooting weddings going into my 12th year, so trust me- I get it. Weddings are an investment, no matter how big or small they are. But sometimes you just got to treat yo self. You deserve it. Being able to have me and my processes to guide you through this experience and cause you one less headache is why I do what I do. You totes get what you pay for in this industry.

All of my prices have this starting point, but no two weddings are the same, and I understand that. When you reach out to get your process started with me, you will get my full Price Guide and we will set up our Skype date to talk it out and work together to see what you really need and want. I can’t wait to meet you!

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