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You are getting married!

You two are choosing to adventure IN FRICKEN’ ICELAND for your wedding and I could not be more stoked for you.
I know deciding to elope or get married far away from home isn’t an easy decision, but, it’s YOUR decision and I am here with a fist raised in solidarity for you.
There are many reasons you could have come to this path and all of them are valid.
From one adventurer to another- I understand you and why you are doing this. I am with you every step of the way.
We are going to make sure that your own Adventure Elopement in Iceland is as special as it can be.

I love this stuff.

iceland elopement photographer

Together we will say “þetta reddast”, my friends.


I have shot weddings in 6 countries and in 2018 I flew the equivalent of 3.58x’s around the Earth.

If there's one thing to know about me, it's that I am passionate about traveling and I am in love with volcanos, glaciers, and the sea. I travel as often as possible all around the world (for work and fun!), it is my lifestyle and what I am accustomed to. In 2018 alone I flew the equivalent of 3.58x’s the circumference of earth in air miles. (You need travel tip, I got travel tips.)

I have shot weddings in 6 countries, from Mexico to Norway, and from the White Sands of New Mexico to England. Traveling and adventuring into unknown landscapes FIRES UP my soul, and I would not pick any other way to live.

Oh, and I am in Iceland, A LOT. I live in Iceland part-time and own an Icelandic Wedding Photography company.

That’s right, I have a business in both Iceland and Brooklyn. I am not joking about my love for adventure. Picking a photographer who knows the island well is IMPORTANT.

iceland elopement photographer

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am obsessed with Iceland and obsessed with travel.

I help you out with more than just super gorgeous, epic photos.

I know Iceland pretty dang well and am always adventuring and adding secret locations to my Location List.
I am basically your personal tour guide for the day. When booking me for your Iceland wedding, you will get an organized and easy processes the entire time including my tips and consultations.

I drink too much coffee (2 French presses a day, YIKES), eat too much cheese, and believe in having the most fun with what I do.
I have a ton of pretty crazy stories.
I have zombie tattoos on one leg and a pile of poop tattooed on the other. (This is true.)
My story is a pretty fun story, remind me to tell you some of it as we adventure along together. And, remind me to tell you when Bradley Cooper screamed at my face. Or when Amanda Palmer was naked in my car in Iceland.

You can also find me published and featured in these badass places. (Just a quick #humblebrag moment).

I have ALL 5-star reviews. *tear* You can see them here and here if ya don’t believe me. ;)


“We loved Stephanie’s deep knowledge of Iceland and her ability to capture the essence of our ceremony.

She is an incredibly talented photographer and can create photos that embody the expansive beauty of Iceland and the romance of our wedding. Our wedding day would not have been the same without Stephanie.”
- Melissa & Ben | Iceland Elopement

iceland wedding photographer

The steps to making your dream Adventure Wedding come to life.

  1. First we will talk about your absolute dream wedding & location.

  2. Next, you will reserve your date with me.

  3. After that we will get to planning and creating your dream wedding. You will get my 10+yrs experience to help guide you through it all.

  4. You will live your best life, having your dream wedding with your best friend, and doing your wedding the way you want to do it.

  5. Once it is over, you’ll have all of the moments and silly mishaps that happen throughout the day to relive forever and ever.

Hiring an experienced traveling photographer for your adventure wedding is crucial. Hiring a local for your Iceland Elopement is important.

iceland elopements

But really.

Having someone who doesn’t bat an eye at booking plane tickets, packing A LOT OF EXPENSIVE camera gear, traveling efficiently so you aren’t having to pick up a lost photographer trying to find their way to you, and is completely content eating petrol station sandwiches because sometimes that is the only choice (oh, you have been there, too!) is priceless.
Having a photographer that has to crowd source Facebook groups on what gear to bring, how to back up YOUR IMPORTANT WEDDING FILES while traveling, how to prep for your big day, how to come up with a killer itinerary because they don’t travel for a living is just fucking silly.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

iceland elopement photographer

Hiring a local for your Iceland Elopement is the best decision you can make.

Often couples will hire / bring photographers with them who are portfolio building and charge travel only because they just want to go to Iceland, but Iceland is a beast. There is safety and knowledge needed in order to have the best experience possible. Do you want a photographer that only knows Instagram spots and has to ask other people where to take you? Or that doesn’t understand what areas are dangerous? Didn’t think so.

Right after you lock me in for your date, you will get sent my Preferred Vendor & Marriage Guide of everything you will need in order to have your wedding, including badass vendors to book. You will get some helpful blogs on what to know and I am constantly making new resources to give my clients to help you out. Including the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and day tour suggestions.

How it works when you book me as your Iceland Elopement Photographer: 


Custom Adventure Location Itinerary & Help Planning.

As I am always traveling around the world, and live in Iceland, I have an extensive list of locations that I will create your custom itinerary with. It is kind of like a sick hobby, I am always saving locations I want to take my couples to. You should see my google maps account. There are so many stars it looks like the fricken’ Hollywood Walk of Fame.

First I will get to know what types of landscapes you are drawn to, a few other details of your trips plans, and from there create something special that is perfect for the two of you (including coffee & yummy food stops). You will also get unlimited communications with me, Vendor Guide, Timeline Construction, what to pack, and more.
I also am a vendor with the BEST Iceland Wedding Planner, so if you want help with paperwork, day tours, and more- I can help you.


Digital Details.

You will get your own Client Portal with me, an online Highlight Gallery within a week, final online gallery 6-8wks later, print size and social media sized downloads, personal printing rights, a high quality printer setup in your gallery to order whenever you want (and send to family so you aren’t the middle-(wo)man, an Album Print Credit, and my online resources for planning your adventure before and after your elopement.

How cool is that?


You get me (which is awesome).

I have been a world wanderer for years and know how to travel (and how to travel for work keeping your photos safe). Since first stepping foot in Iceland I fell in love. You will get my extensive knowledge and communication, my uncanny ability to have fun no matter where we are, my tour guide abilities while out adventuring, my born given talents of making people feel comfortable, and someone you can be around that will end up becoming your friend. I am lucky that my job takes me around the world and has me laughing around all sorts of landscapes giving my clients the most fun experience. It is what I was born to do.
Since I am so accustomed to travel, my Adventure Weddings pricing includes travel. I will take care of all of my own details, so you don’t have to.
(Photo by Kim Butler at my Iceland Photography Workshop)


Pricing for Adventure with me is simple.

* Iceland Elopements start at 4 hours for $3500

* Western Europe & Scandinavia Elopements start at 4 hours for $4500

* Destination Weddings start at 8 hours for $6500

Fill out the form below to schedule your consultation with me and to get my full Price Guide. We will start dreamstorming your dream wedding!


Other Iceland adventures with me.

Not everyone who adventures around the world does it for their wedding. I also offer Honeymoon Adventure Sessions, EPIC Secret Proposals, Adventure Engagement Sessions, and personal photographer tour guide services. If you want to adventure and have a photographer with you, then I will do that.
These start at $690 and will come with a custom itinerary and help planning.

No matter where in the world you are wanting to get married, just let me know.
I am so there.

Seriously, I always have a bag packed and ready. I am not joking. Since I live equal time in two continents (am I crazy? Maybe.), I have 2 of everything. I always have my trusty carryon backpack with comfy travel and hiking clothes, my Norwegian woolen socks and thermals, and hiking boots packed and READY. TO. GO. My camera gear lives in it’s home (my travel gear bag), at all times. I take it out when charging batteries, cleaning, or using it. All I need is enough time to buy plane tickets and then we are GOOD TO GO.


2019 travel, let’s adventure together!

January - March: Iceland & Ireland
April: Italy, Iceland
May-August: Iceland
September: Scotland, Italy, Iceland
October- Dec: Iceland

If I will already be where your Adventure Wedding is, or close to it, I have special pricing. Contact me for full schedule!

The nitty gritty- your next steps!

To enquire about booking me as your Adventure Photographer please fill out the form below!
I will send you my Iceland & Destination Price Guide and we will schedule your Skype date with me so we can meet and talk about all of the amazing ideas your are envisioning for your Adventure Wedding!
I do my best to be in contact within 24hrs,
but if you do not hear from me, please email me at (and check your spam folder)!