An Intimate Wedding at The W Loft, Brooklyn | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

An Intimate Wedding at The W Loft, Brooklyn | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

An Intimate Wedding at The W Loft, Brooklyn | Brooklyn wedding photographer

This Intimate Wedding at The W Loft in Brooklyn is exactly what weddings should be about: love and the couple celebrating the love between them with their loved ones.

Kelsey and Laser (yes, his name is Laser) booked me quite a ways out from their wedding which gave us enough time to get to know each other and have a REALLY fun engagement session in DUMBO, Brooklyn. I knew that their wedding was going to be elegant, gorgeous, and flower filled. They had quite possibly the prettiest Chuppah I have ever seen and got married on the roof top on the W Loft that overlooked the river and the Manhattan Skyline. The day did throw a few curve balls at us, mainly the rain that just didn’t seem to stop. In fact, it didn’t stop until almost the very end of the night. But, that did not stop these two from getting married on the roof anyways and having some fun games outside for their guests to entertain themselves. Before the ceremony, we met for the First Look at a spot that was one of their first dates, then we adventured around the Williamsburg waterfront to get some of those epic photo-ops. The ceremony went off without a hitch, the reception was laid back and had my favorite NYC wedding band- The Swingaroos, and everyone was having an amazing time. It was basically perfect.

Here are some things they said about their day to help future couples in their planning. ⤵

  • What did you love most about working with Zakas Photography?
    We connected with Stephanie so much and loved her photography style that I never had to worry about whether I would end up getting photos back that I liked...I trusted we would love the photos & we did {as did everyone else that saw them}. Because of all of this, we were really comfortable, which allowed us to relax and just enjoy the moments.

  • What about your wedding was most unique?
    For us, we cared most about having a personal ceremony with our family & closest friends...this was we would ensure the wedding was what it’s meant to be—a celebration of our marriage and our love! And this is exactly what it turned out to be—between the personal vows we wrote & shared with one another in front of everyone that day, to the musicians who were my friends that made it so special for us, to the song I surprised Laser with, and the way we blended our Jewish culture & southern upbringing.

  • Anything you would have done differently?
    Yes!! I wish 100% Laser and I had gotten ready together that morning, just the two of us. The entire getting ready process and that weekend was stressful and things that came up with the bridal party and my family partially made my weekend not great...but as soon as I saw Laser all of my worries & disappointments melted away and I knew we should’ve just gotten ready together that day. I wouldn’t have spend so much time or money on certain decor that didn’t even get put out or didn’t end up being used or noticed be people ...

  • What details are you most proud of?
    I loved the florals & the cake we went with—overall I liked how simple, yet beautiful it ended up being, which is all a beautiful venue like the W loft needed. I loved the ceremony with the chuppah and the skyline in the background.

  • What particular moment of your day will you remember most?
    Our vows, the Hora, & singing my surprise song to Laser.

  • Best advice for another couple?
    Don’t stress over the tiny details—I definitely stressed about every little detail of the decor, spent so much time and money on these things that in the end literally didn’t even get put out by our coordinator and I felt so upset at how much energy, time, money, tears & stress I had spent on these things that just went down the drain...

  • What was the biggest surprise of your wedding day?
    The RAIN!!

  • Anything else you'd like to add?
    Not that I can think of :)

Venue: The W Loft
Event Planner: Modern Rebel & Co.
Dress: Glamour Closet
Florals: Rosewood Girl
Cake: byPensa
HMU: Brides by Zarielle
Officiant: Areyeh Lyampeh
Band: The Swingaroos

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