Intimate Wedding at Greenpoint Loft, Brooklyn | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Intimate Wedding at Greenpoint Loft, Brooklyn | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

greenpoint loft wedding- Brooklyn wedding photographer

What can't I say about these two and this Intimate Brooklyn Wedding at the Greenpoint Loft. Daniella and James had a flawless wedding and it was amazing. Everything from the mariachi band to the pies instead of cake, I felt so inspired by their celebration. Read below to see a bit that they had to say about their day and some tips they can give you and your celebration.


  • How did you personalize your wedding? What about your wedding was most unique?

    We're not the most traditional of the couple and we wanted the wedding to feel like 'us' and not just a run of the mill wedding. Instead of a wedding cake we served different kinds of pies. We arranged a big bar-b-que dinner that was delicious and such a hit. We asked our florist to focus more on greenery than on flowers since we weren't very interested in the traditional looking arrangements. During cocktail hour we brought in a big mariachi band to entertain the guests while we signed our marriage license - this was awesome!

  • Anything you would have done differently?

    As the bride, I think I would have arranged to be wearing flats the whole night. My feet hurt after the ceremony so I quickly took my heels off. No one really noticed but I would have liked to wear my bridal shoes all night! Otherwise, everything went smoothly and I can't think of anything we might have altered.

  • What details are you most proud of?

    My mother and step father built a ladder table for the entranceway of our wedding venue and it was so special to me. Not only did they refurbish and paint them, they drove it up from Texas and filled it with pictures from both mine and James' childhood. Having a special personal centerpiece like that really meant alot to James and I.

  • What particular moment of your day will you remember most?

    There was a moment where James and I stepped off to the side and just stood by ourselves and looked out at all of our guests dancing and we took a deep breath and took it all in. It was a short moment but it was one of the first momeents we were alone all night and we loved seeing everyone having a good time. That was one of the most important thing to us about our wedding. That everyone eat, drink, dance and have blast!

  • Best advice for another couple reading this?

    Don't let the wedding stress get to you! James and I had a rule that when one of us started to freak out because of something wedding related we got to call a time-out and we had to go do something completely unrelated to the wedding. This often meant going to our favorite pizza place and having dinner and cocktails. Weddings can be really stressful but it's also important to take care of yourselves and eachother.

  • What was the biggest surprise of your wedding day?

    How fast it all went! I know a lot of people say your wedding day goes by in a blur and it's so true. I was shocked at how quickly it began and was finished. I think that is why the moments where we stepped aside and took it all in with one another were so important to us. Now I can look back on those few minutes (and the amazing photos we now have!) and remember our wedding day like it was yesterday.

  • What did you love most about working with Steph of Zakas Photography?

    From the first meeting about our wedding, Stephanie was open, friendly, helpful and she was excited to shoot the wedding and make it look great. Her excitement made us even more excited and confident that we had found the best photographer for the job. Throughout our wedding day she caught every moment, every excited expression, and cute candids we would have missed otherwise. We needed someone to shoot photos that would allow us to relive our wedding day forever and Zakas Photography provided that.

Florist - Rose Red Lavender

Dress - Hayley Paige

Dress Shop - Lovely Bride

Venue - Greenpoint Loft

Wedding Rings - Epheriell

Pies - Pie Corps

DJ - DJ A Ball

Lights - Universal Light and Sound

Wedding Dress Tailor - Williamsburg Seamstress

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