Snohomish, Washington Intimate Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Snohomish, Washington Intimate Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Last year I was fortunate enough to live out an amazing dream of getting flown from Brooklyn to shoot this Seattle intimate wedding in the woods for Marissa and Pete. Well, just a bit outside of Seattle in Snohomish, Washington. This intimate wedding was the embodiment of everything good in this world. It was drenched in love and the blending of two families, it was outside in nature with cultural traditions that were amazing for even me to be a part of, and we even got to sneak into a wild flower farm during the reception for some dreamy photos. Marissa and Pete's love they have for each other is intoxicating and the love their families have for them was so warming. Their wedding was a combination of multiple cultures which is something I think is so special. Her family is Samoan and many of the guests came from Polynesian Islands for the wedding and did many different Polynesian dances for everyone to love right in middle of the woods in Washington. 

When asked what made their day so special, Marissa said: "At the beginning of the day, I had made a mental note that literally nothing was going to ruin the day. Not the weather, not anyone’s attitude, not hair or make-up – I chose to be focused on Peter, my family and friends and to be grateful in those moments leading up to the ceremony. Having family and friends around me that had the same mindset was key to making the day so special."
Pete responded with, "The day was special because it was a party with our favorite people and we all celebrated our love." This is why their intimate wedding was so intimate, which you can almost feel form the photos.

Their favorite moments were just as adorable as they are. "A favorite moment for me was walking down the aisle. I remember being so nervous, overwhelmed and excited that I was just grinning ear to ear and once my dad and I got to the front, almost every one of our guests started screaming out of excitement. It seems like a small detail, but it actually made me feel more comfortable and embodied all the happiness of the day." says Marissa. 
Pete's favorite moment was "when Marissa’s family had me costume change in the middle of the day to do the Samoan Siva. Being a part of that dance just symbolized that I was now a part of the family." And as you will see, he did that Samoan Siva some justice. 

Marissa's advice is something I strongly stand behind, which will help make your day just as amazing as theirs was. "Stay focused on what really matters. At the end of the day, the whole point is to celebrate a union and partnership with those you love most."

Dress: Elizabeth Fillmore 

ShoesBadgley Mischka

Suit: Bonobos

Florist: Lauren Baczewski + Valerie Smith

Calligraphy: Valerie Smith

 Cake: Lauren Baczewski, Amber Sakis

 Caterer: Café Ohana

Venue: Woodland Meadow Farms

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