Reykjanes Iceland Adventure Engagement Session | Iceland Engagement Photographer

Reykjanes Iceland Adventure Engagement Session | Iceland Engagement Photographer

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When you live in New York City and want an engagement session that none of your friends will have, coming to Iceland will definitely set you apart. That is exactly what Alexis & Joe did. The day started out in downtown Reykjavík where the two had a nice brunch at Le Bistro, a French bistro and wine bar. It was a little nod to the fact that they got engaged in France so what better way to start their engagement session photoshoot.

And did I mention this was a surprise Adventure Engagement session and surprise Iceland trip?

Alexis had surprised Joe with not only a trip to Iceland but also this super epic engagement photo shoot! We worked together to create a really fun, all day adventure for them. She didn’t want ‘just’ an engagement session but wanted a full on exciting adventure for the day. So, after their French brunch was over and all of the champagne and oysters were had- we set out to adventure around downtown before driving out into the Reykjanes peninsula.

This peninsula is amazing as it offers such a vast, wild, almost other world type of landscapes. The day was COLD, the wind was INSANE, but these two were more than happy to tackle that head on and not let it affect their adventure. I mean, we are in Iceland, after all. And, when coming to Iceland, if you aren’t going to take on the weather as it comes then you are not going to have the best time you can.

Being a little different, a little bold, and a lot of fun is always the best kinds of engagement photo sessions.