Skógafoss Waterfall Iceland Elopement in Handmade Dress | Iceland Wedding Photographer

Skógafoss Waterfall Iceland Elopement in Handmade Dress | Iceland Wedding Photographer

Iceland Elopement at Skogafoss

Makenna & Isaiah ventured all the way to Iceland for their elopement, in the middle of winter, at the beginning of the year.
If having a winter Iceland elopement doesn’t scream adventure to you, then I don’t know what does.

We ventured out on a chilly day, that at first basically ripped our skin off from the wind. It was middle of the winter in Iceland, which is a time of darkness and cold. I personally love it, it feels cozy and as a North American, it is still wild to me that for a few months in Iceland the sun is only ‘up’ for a handful of hours and some of those days you might not even see the sun at all. AT ALL. Not at all. If there are thick clouds, a rain storm, snow storm, or hail storm (like this Iceland elopement. Re: see: all of the above)- then you just won’t even see the sun. At all.

However! That is what makes Iceland Adventure Elopements & being an Iceland Elopement Photographer so special. The day is whatever the day is, and you just have to roll with it like these two did.

We ventured to their tiny cabin on a horse farm where they got ready and cuddled a bit. I got to ‘oooooh’ and ‘ahhhhhh’ at Makenna’s HANDMADE pink skirt that she made with her mother and grandmother, together. * CUE THE TEARS, that is so cute! *

After they were ready, we took off. We swung our way zig zagging around the island to a few of my fave little spots, made our down to the Iceland South Coast, hangout with some majestic waterfalls, a glacier that we listened to it move (yes, you can hear glaciers move and yes it is majestic AF). We had SO much fun being silly, screaming at the wind and the rain together, and documented their love until we could not squeeze out any ‘sun’light anymore.

This is what adventure elopements are made of.