Iceland Black Sand Beach Engagement Session | Iceland Elopement Photographer

Iceland Reynisfjara Beach Engagement Session | Iceland Elopement Photographer


The two Texans came to Iceland for a vacation and booked an Iceland engagement session with me which was a ton of fun.

We had planned on making their Iceland engagement session a waterfall session along the Icelandic South Coast, but as happens in Iceland often, the weather had other plans. On my drive out to our original meeting location I kept hoping that the rain would stop and the heavy fog would clear. However, that is not what happened. I quickly figured out a plan B location, which was at the popular black sand beach, Reynisfjara. I had a feeling that if we drove out to the coast, the fog would not be as heavy and sure enough, that was the case. As we pulled into Reynisfjara, the rain seized and a teeeeeeny bit of light started coming through the thin cloud coverage. 

We walked around, having the other tourists seeing what we were up to, and made the beach our own. Sophia wore cowboy boots, and might possibly be the first person to wear cowboy boots on an Icelandic beach. (Don't quote me on that, I actually have no idea.) S + S were so much fun, completely game for whatever I came up with and showing all their love for one another. The session flew by as these two lovey souls kissed and danced around. These sessions are some of my favorite, they always warm my heart and I love making new friends.