Iceland Adventure Photography Session | Iceland Elopement Photographer

Iceland Adventure Photography Session | Iceland Elopement Photographer | Zakas Photography

Iceland wedding photographer - Iceland elopement photographer - anniversary photo shoot

I had the best (mini) Iceland portrait session with these two, Sherry and Ken, one frigid afternoon. 

This session was perfect, just a quick little one to document their love and time together on their first trip to Iceland! They have been married for many years, with a few kids, and some grandchildren! Sherry wanted some photos of them together, since being a photographer herself in Canada, she doesn't get the chance to be in front of the camera with her love very often. As I have said before, I am so passionate about documenting humans, for all reasons, not just weddings. I love shooting anniversary sessions, creative fine art portraits, honeymoon sessions, or like this one a 'just because I love you' sessions. 

The session was in winter, which means the sun is only up for a few hours a day, so I didn't want to make us drive too far. It was also REALLY windy and cold that day and I wanted to make sure they were comfy. Since this was just a mini-session and Sherry had her husband and son with her with plans to adventure together afterwards, I also wanted to keep the location close to Reykjavík. I took her to one of my favorite little spots that's just a short drive outside of downtown Reykjavík, into the small peninsula- Seltjarnarnes. This spot is actually sentimental for me and an area that every time I am in Iceland I make sure to sit at for a little while, if not stay in. It is absolutely gorgeous, with views of mountains from each way you look. You can see the Reykjanes Peninsula in the distance on one side, Mount Esja on another, and Snæfellsjökull in the far distance.

We walked around a little bit down the beach, had lots of laughs, and got to watch them be so cute together. It was awesome, cold, but awesome. <3

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