Intimate Catskills Wedding at Full Moon Resort | Catskills Elopement Photographer

Intimate Catskills Wedding at Full Moon Resort-
Catskills Elopement Photographer

catskills wedding photographer- full moon resort

This wedding in the Catskills was so adorable and awesome.

If you live in NYC and are looking for a quick trip to get out of that city life to have an intimate outdoor wedding or an adventure elopement, the Catskills are the way to go. It is only about a 2-2.5hr drive and you are in the mountains! Teri and Joe had this same idea and reserved an entire resort, the Full Moon Resort, for all of their guests and their small, intimate wedding. This place was so cute and super pretty offering a lot of land to play around on.

Teri and Joe’s Catskills Wedding was on a REALLY hot day in the summer but they didn’t let that stop any of the fun.

Their first look was one of the best to date, just look at Joe’s face when Teri comes up behind him. They definitely made the day special and did it the way they wanted it not giving in to any wedding traditions they did not like. They both have a few things to say to any future couples getting married, read below!

  • How did you personalize your wedding? What about your wedding was most unique?
    Everything about our wedding was personalized. Our vendors and the venue itself were all really into the idea of everything feeling like us. Joe created the playlist with the DJ and I designed bouquets with our florist, made my own headpiece and did all the ceremony flowers. We hand selected our menu items with the head chef back in November from a literal book of options. We were very careful to work only with people who really GOT us and it totally payed off. The venue was probably the most unique part of our wedding. It created an adult summer camp feel for us and our guests. Everyone stayed together in cabins and cottages. The morning of the wedding i watched from my window as all of our friends, beers in hand, played games outside on the lawn. There was no cell service and nobody could snapchat it, it was really wonderful. Nobody can take credit for how beautiful the mountains are or the way the sun comes through the trees, the location was just perfect.

  • Anything you would have done differently?
    Not really =) Maybe I would have remembered to bring a pen so our vows weren't written in rainbow crayon. But they are totally getting framed and hung in our new home.

  • What details are you most proud of?
    Honestly just the amount of positive feedback we've gotten about the whole experience. We rolled a memorial day BBQ and bonfire, a wedding, and a going away party into one. It was a really crazy idea to pull off. Everyone had a blast and it was just so great to see everyone having so much fun together. These are the types of vacations we grew up taking, we still camp in the catskills every fall with our friends and stay in the ski house at Hunter Mountain every winter. It was very personal and special to be able to share that part of us with everyone.

  • What particular moment of your day will you remember most?
    Walking down the aisle together. It was a little bit of a last minute decision and we are just really happy we did it. Thats how we tackle life. Hand in hand together so it felt really natural to be walking down the aisle that way too.

  • Best advice for another couple?
    Just do everything your way. We removed "traditions" that were silly to us or made us uncomfortable in any way and just did it however we wanted. No giving away of anybody, no garter toss, nobody wanted cake smashed in their face. I wouldn't have been able to get Joe off the dance floor anyway. Any slight concern for anyones opinions on it were quickly dissolved by overwhelming support and understanding. We focused our attention (and budget) on things that would make us happy and help our guests have the best time possible. For us, that was food and music. We knew we had to get that part right. No matter what you do, planning a wedding is stressful so make it a point to be silly and have fun together during the process.

  • What was the biggest surprise of your wedding day?
    Our first look! We were so nervous, we totally messed up the plan but those are some of our favorite pictures. Our emotions are all over our faces, they're just great. We're lucky to have the whole moment captured as it actually was.

  • What did you love most about working with Zakas Photography?
    Working with you brought out our sense of humor because we felt so comfortable. We were able to get photos that reflected our personalities and our relationship because we were able to be ourselves during the entire process. And the pictures themselves! Such talent. They are exactly what we were hoping for and more.

Venue: Full Moon Resort
DJ: JTD Productions
Hair and Makeup: Teri herself, it is her profession. ;)
Dress: Casablanca
Bridesmaids: Everly
Florist: Blue Orchid Creations on Etsy

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