How to Save Time Planning Your Elopement Reception | Adventure Elopement Photographer

How to Save Time Planning Your Elopement Reception | Adventure Elopement Photographer

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Just because you are eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t have a party.

Your elopement is powerful, it is taking a day to dedicate yourselves to your love and to each other. It is a day to commit to the love between you two and saying ‘nope’ to the social norms society puts on you as a couple about your wedding. THAT IS A BIG DEAL. But. that does not mean you can’t still celebrate your marriage with the people who are closest to you. Eloping absolutely does NOT mean you are running away to get married because you have no loved ones in your life. I am a person who has always strayed from the norm and wanted to empower people who might need some extra empowerment to do things their way. So, I fully believe you can have your cake and eat it, too. You CAN elope somewhere extra special to you as a couple and then come home and have the party of your dreams with your friends & family and let them shower you with love. Which is why I am SO stoked to announce that I am adding another service to my arsenal of things making wedding planning easier for my clients: a stationary partnership with Basic Invite! Now, my clients, or anyone reading this, can have some beautiful, thoughtful, custom stationary to invite their friends & family to their After Elopement Party. (Or, invite the few guests you want to bring with you on your adventure elopement & intimate wedding!)

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For an Elopement After Party, you have the flexibility of inviting your guests before your elopement to share with them that you are going to elope, talk to them about it, and have them get excited with you. Or, you can also elope without telling anyone and let the invite do the talking afterwards. Because of this, I believe that the invites should be beautiful and epic, which is why I picked Basic Invite to partner with. When you are inviting your closest friends & family to your Elopement Party to have them celebrate with you, you can really customize your invites with exclusive wedding invitations. Basic Invite is one of the only websites that allows it’s customers almost completely unlimited color options and will give you instant previews online. Just select the design you want, then you will be able to change the color of each element on the card with over 180 different options. I love this, because having an elopement is not the run-of-the-mill wedding and you can have your invites stick to an adventure theme. You can switch out those pinks for earthy tones. Not to mention, they have over 1,000 different invitation sets and over 40 different envelope colors to really get something that feels like you.

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One of the things that is also unique about Basic Invite is that they allow you to can order custom samples of the designs you have decided on for your invites or save the dates . This is crucial in saving you time and being able to see exactly what your invites will look like before sending them out to the people you love. One of the core values of my brand is that I want to save people time and stress and believe that planning your elopement should not be painful. Being able to see your design before you order them will help aid in your stress levels, and that is something I back. Additionally, as most people know, I am a HUGE believer in print and tangible products to hold in your hands. There is something so special about seeing and feeling your photographs and invites alike, so having a sample and being able to feel what you are going to send out to represent you is priceless. Also, check out their new clear collection and seal & send invitations, added rose gold to the foil line, and foil place cards. They are something truly unique that you can grab a sample of and see if it fits your ideal party vibe.

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And lastly, one of the reasons I believe that Basic Invite is a good match for my clients, is they can save you time and stress in a few other avenues other than seeing and feeling your design before committing to it. They also have a free address collection service for you to request your address with only a few simple steps since almost no one has an address book anymore. This will save you SO much time so you can put that energy in other places with planning your elopement day. They also offer a free wedding website, which again, is completely customizable. You can make every aspect of your wedding about YOU and match your personalities, unlike a lot of other wedding industry companies who have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Once you have your invitations quickly and easily made, set up your custom website to inform everyone you are eloping if you chose to do it before the party, you can also order personalized coasters for party or use the Seal & Send Wedding Invitations to save you the most amount of time. They are an all-in-one wedding invitation with a tear-off RSVP postcard included! They offer them in over 30 designs, including a new foil option, and are of course customizable. Your guest's addresses are printed on the front of each invitation which means no envelope necessary! All you have to do is share a link, collect guest addresses, and upload them onto your design, instantly. All you have to do is add the postage before sending them off.


I really want to help you save time, money, energy, yet also be able to have your invites be completely customizable, form start to finish. Eloping is going against the grain, so settling for invites that do not feel like you doesn’t have to happen. This is why I am writing this and have decided to partner up with Basic Invite to be able to have my couples still be able to party with their closest loved ones, extend the marriage festivities past the elopement day, and save them time and stress on making that happen back home for them. So, I have written this blog to make my couples, and other couples, aware that this is out there for them. They have given me a discount code to give you to save you some money, which is a win / win in my book. I hope this blog helped take something off your plate in your eloping planning festivities..

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