5 Best Locations in Iceland for Adventure Photography Session | Adventure Elopement Photographer

5 Best Locations in Iceland for Adventure Photography Session | Adventure Elopement Photographer

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You’re going on vacation to Iceland and you are thinking this would be the best idea to have an adventure engagement session with your boo? You thought correct.

There are, so, so, many places in Iceland to have an adventure session for your engagement photos, honeymoon session, vow renewal, adventure maternity, and even elopement. Of course. BUT! Below I will list out some of the BEST locations for you to have your adventure engagement photos taken at.

These locations are just a handful, I could make a blog 17 pages long on locations just in Iceland to have an adventure photo session or where to elope, but for now- here are 5 top locations for your adventure engagement session.

downtown reykjavik engagement photos
engagement session downtown reykjavik hallgrimsjirkja church
downtown reykjavik engagement photos

Downtown Reykjavík Engagement Session

This isn’t always so obvious, so I am going to start here. Most people pass up Reykjavík and just head out of the city to get the majestic landscapes. Trust me, I get it. But, Reykjavík is INSANELY adorable. There are so many cafes, beer bars, adorable shops, old Icelandic houses, tiny streets, big churches, the harbor. SO MANY THINGS. Like this list of things you might not have known about! I like having engagement sessions here with my couples and then we sometimes will head out of the city for some of the iconic landscapes. When thinking of your adventure engagement session with your boo, don’t overlook Downtown Reykjavík!

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engagement photos at blue lagoon
reykjanes engagement session by water

The Reykjanes Peninsula for a more adventurous engagement session

This peninsula is one of my all time favorite gems of Iceland. It is a pretty big peninsula, though it is not too large that we could not see most of what it has to offer in a single day. This peninsula is a volcanic area that looks a lot like Mars. Who wouldn't think that is cool for an engagement session? Not only is it volcanic landscapes, it still has heavy geothermal activity giving you some geothermal steam areas. You can walk through the tectonic plates (they are not just in Þingvellir!), feel the salty air on some sea cliffs, and even visit a lake that falls in a fissure zone on the Mid-Atlantic ridge. Needles to say, I really love this area and often visit it alone to get in some nice hikes.

engagement photos skogafoss
elopement in iceland at skogafoss
skogafoss elopement iceland south coast

The Powerful Skógafoss for your powerful adventure photo session

This waterfall is so popular, powerful, and quite amazing to be around. So much so that I feel like I could just list the name and would not have to give an explanation because it is just understood. The South Coast of Iceland has some of the most magnificent and plentiful waterfalls in the entire country. This one is arguably one of the top 3 well known waterfalls in Iceland. If you time it right (aka hire a photographer who knows when to bring you *wink*) you can avoid having a mass amount of people in your photos. And, if you time it extra right, plus the sun is out, she usually displays a few rainbows.

reynisfjara black sand beach iceland elopement
reynisfjara engagement avdventure engagement
engagement photos at reynisfjara

Reynisfjara Adventure Engagement Session for the unique beach vibes

Reynisfjara is a beach that has been voted ‘the rarest black beach’ so it’s no wonder this is a destination that not only tourists come to just to marvel at the lava structures, but also to have their adventure elopement or adventure photo sessions. This beach, however, is quite the beast. For as beautiful as it is, it is equally as dangerous. This is a beach I highly suggest you heed warning at and have a photographer with you who knows the tides, the waves, and where to put you so you are NOT in danger. (I see WAY TOO MANY PHOTOS from other photographers who are not local to Iceland putting the couple they are photographing near the water or on the rocks which is a really, really, awful idea.) I know sometimes I sound like a broken record, but I can NOT STRESS ENOUGH how it really is important to hire a photographer when you come to Iceland from the local community versus flying in your photographer friend to save a few dollars. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. But what IS worth it is taking your photos at this beach and exploring the basalt columns, Reynisdrangar basalt sea stacks, the soft black sand, and witness the power of the waves.

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Yoda cave iceland engagement photos
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Off the beaten path locations while exploring Iceland

This is a secret grab bag surprise of locations! I wanted to make a point that though Iceland has a lot of really beautiful, wonderful, Instagram well known spots- there are so many, almost limitless possibilities of just as breathtaking spots. One of my all time favorite things in LIFE is to location scout, hike, and find the spots that are not geotagged somewhere on social media. I LIVE FOR IT. I don’t know if it can be considered a hobby, but one of my passions is finding private, magical, fun areas to bring my couples. The google maps app on my phone looks like Iceland has been attacked by pins. Find yourself a photographer who shares a passion for the land, the nature, the culture, and the spirit of the country for your adventure engagement photo session (and for your adventure elopement!). You won’t be disappointed.