What happens when you are shooting an engagement session in DUMBO, Brooklyn and it is incredibly hot outside?? The sweat is literally dripping down your face, the humidity is fierce, and the sun is beating down on you.

It's uncomfortable. It doesn't make the session fun, and I am all about having fun. I pride myself in making sure during any session, an engagement, and elopement, an intimate wedding, an adventure session, whatever it is that we are having a good time. For this couple, the summer weather was NOT working with us and I could tell they were just not feelin' it. 

Shooting weddings and engagements is always an adventure because you really can not control much. You generally are shooting in public spaces and most commonly outside. Real talk: you can't actually control the weather outside, no matter how much you wish you could. You can try to bypass these things by picking the times of day you are shooting outside, however, that also doesn't always work out. For this shoot, the only free time we both had was middle of the day. In the summer in New York. LAWD HAVE MERCY it was harsh. 

As we weaved and walked through the streets in DUMBO, Brooklyn, trying to find some shady spots instead of getting them directly in the path of the sun next to the shore line, I could see it in their eyes that they were wishing they were not there. THAT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF HOW I WANT MY COUPLES TO FEEL. So, I did what any logical photographer would do. Find them milkshakes and air conditioner. Stat. We made our way to Shake Shack and chilled, literally. It ended up being lots of fun and also delicious.