5 Ways to Look Good in Your Wedding Dress | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

5 Ways to Look Good in Your Wedding Dress | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer


Alright, your big day is coming up. You probably have been planning away by picking your perfect photographer, your venue, your florals, your cake. You have probably been so busy that you just now looked up from your Pinterest boards and Google Docs. You made casual eye contact with your calendar and OMG, you only have a few more months until IT IS HERE. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. YOU HAVEN’T DONE A THING TO LOOK AS GOOD AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN FOR YOUR WEDDING. WHAT. ARE. YOU. GOING. TO. DO?

It’s ok, you found yourself here and that’s step number one. As a wedding photographer, I have compiled a list of the best fitness tips I can come up with from my years of experience in the industry to make sure you look good in that dress in your photos. The best part: You can do these in your day to day routine without having to add on another wedding planning stressor.


1. Get those Arms Working- Bicep Curls: Your arms are probably going to be showing, unless you decide that you are more comfortable wearing sleeves. Either way, your arms need to in top shape. So make sure you are bending your arms enough while eating that slice of pizza. If you eat about 3 slices, your arm can fit in at least 20 bicep curls.


2. Get that Heart Pumping: Do the things that get you excited. What are the things you do in your life that bring you joy and get your heart going? Whatever it is- do that. Keep enjoying your life, be happy. This is an amazing milestone in your life and you should not feel stressed and put unnecessary pressure on yourself to fit some BS standards society puts on individuals. 


3. Zap that Core: Laugh. Laugh a whole lot. When you are planning the fun details of your day with your loved ones, your wedding party, and your friends- make sure you are having fun and laughing. Having the people in your life that mean something to you pitching in to help is such a wonderful thing. Soak in that love and laugh until you cry together.


Ok, I am not going to continue on here. You get the point. But really, this is a super exciting time in your life and I think it is ultra lame that people are being made to feel like they need to change themselves for their wedding. That is ludicris. The person you are getting married to loves you deeply. They want to spend the rest of their life with you and you want to spend the rest of your life with them. It is a celebration, not a fitness competiton. In order to look good in your photos, all you need to do is to be having fun. Get those real, honest smiles out. Put on your dress, your suit, your whatever-the-eff-you-want-to-be-wearing on and feel fricken amazing because your wedding is a really exciting thing. So my last tip here to feel good on your day: Don’t forget to eat during cocktail hour and don’t forget to sit down and enjoy your meal at dinner. After all, it is the first meal you are sharing together as a married couple.