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Iceland Wedding & Elopement Photographer FAQ

Iceland Elopements & Destination Adventure Weddings are the jam to my cheese on my toast. (Yes, we eat toast with butter, jam, & cheese on it here in Iceland. At once.) They are so special, unique, & SO important. They’re the black sheep of the wedding world. As someone who has been the black sheep my entire life, I want nothing more than for you to feel accepted, loved, & supported in any decision you make for your unique life.

The goal to creating your elopement day with you is so you can let go of the social norms being pushed on you, have a day that is dedicated completely to you and your love to each other, and have the confidence to let down all of your walls to feel free.

I’m inspired by you being your unapologetic self & wanting to take an entire day full of intention towards the love & life you have created together. Contact me to get started on creating your elopement & adventure wedding path.

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How do Adventure Elopements work?

They are relaxing, fun, & pretty darn flexible. The beauty of having an Adventure Elopement is that you can essentially do whatever you want. The majority of the elopements I help facilitate run semi similar. We will start with you getting ready (together or separate), adventuring to your ceremony site, saying your vows with or without a Celebrant, then we will adventure around to some amazing landscapes for the rest of the day along your location itinerary. We might hike, swim, or climb. We will definitely laugh a lot, probably cry a little, and eat some snacks together.

The main takeaway about elopements is:
they are whatever you want them to be. They are flexible, relaxed, fun, and give you a full day to celebrate with your love without any other distractions.

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How do I plan an Iceland Elopement or an Adventure Wedding abroad?

First, I suggest you do some research and first hire an experienced elopement photographer for the day. Your photographer will be key in your elopement day as any good one will also dub as your planner for a lot of the day. I know I am biased, but I can not stress enough how picking someone experienced in this will not only give you the best experience possible from start to finish, but will also be able to guide you throughout the entire process. After that, you will need to book your accommodation & car rental, plan anything you want to do for the days before / after your wedding, and gather any paperwork you will need to legally get married in another country. Here is a blog that should give you a good idea on where to start!

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What is an elopement?

An elopement is not what the stigma is of ‘running away’ or getting married in secret out of shame. An elopement today is taking a proud stance against doing what society tells you you have to do. It is saying ‘no thanks’ to the wedding industry that contributes to over ONE BILLION POUNDS of trash and waste A YEAR to our planet. Eloping is saying you want an experience over buying things that won’t matter the following day. Eloping is starting your marriage off right and creating a memory and story you will have to tell for the rest of your lives.

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How much does an elopement in Iceland cost? How much does a Destination Adventure Elopement cost?

An Elopement in Iceland costs vary from wedding to wedding. You can find more information here on my Adventure Elopement Collection pricing. It all depends on how long you want to vacation in Iceland or your wedding’s destination for, what kind of day will make you feel how you want to feel, & what you want to add into your elopement. Do you want to get legally married in the destination? Do you want to add an amazing picnic to eat after saying your vows while sitting by a waterfall? Do you want to have a multi-day wedding adventure? Contact me to talk through your ideas and get a better idea of what to budget to make your dream happen.


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