Iceland Elopement Photographer | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Iceland Elopement Photographer & Brooklyn Intimate Wedding Photographer
For Adventure Loving Souls.

⤹(Oh hey, it’s me you’re looking for.)

I am just your unconventional, silly, roller derby playing
Adventure Elopement & Intimate Wedding photographer
ready to give you a badass experience.

⤷ Hey, I'm Steph! I specialize in Adventure Elopements & Intimate Weddings for awesome couples that love each other completely and adventure to the beat of their own drum.

I drink too much coffee (2 French presses a day, YIKES), eat too much cheese, and believe in having the most fun with what I do. 
I am in love with traveling, adventure, glaciers and mountains.
I have shot all over the world and have great pride in my work and in making my clients feel comfortable in front of my camera.
I am obsessed with Iceland.
I will also definitely become best friends with your pet. I will want to see photos of your cats.
I will also probably crack a few too many dad jokes.
I believe in letting the day unfold naturally while I document ev-ver-ry-thing.
I do not aim to give you the same shots you saw another couple have on Pinterest. Your souls are unique and your experience is unique so you deserve your own art and story.
I shoot in a mostly documentary style and find those quick moments that only happen to you two on your day. 

My journey to get to where I am at is a long story of winding roads in Columbus, Ohio to moving to Orlando, Florida to get a film degree. Later working for The Mouse himself at Walt Disney World, to literally deciding one day I was going to move to Brooklyn, NYC to get a swift kick in the ass professionally and I was there 3 weeks later, homeless, with only 2 trash bags full of stuff.

My story is a pretty fun story, remind me to tell you some of it as we adventure along together. And, remind me to tell you when Bradley Cooper screamed at my face. Or when Amanda Palmer was naked in my car in Iceland.

 Photo by Kyle Goldie.

Photo by Kyle Goldie.

She’s bitchin’ with light!
— Ann + Shahin | Orlando

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* For non-wedding publications, I have been in Vogue Italia (x20), Amanda Palmer album art (coming March, 2019!), New York Fashion Week, Volition Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, NUVU magazine, Feroce magazine, IMIRAGE magazine, Grapevine Iceland, Gay Iceland, Finnish Publications, Bear Mighty album art, Rachel Wish album art, and more.
…and more on the way I am not allowed to speak of yet….shhhhh….stay tuned!


“Steph’s not only talented as a photographer...but as a storyteller and writer as well!!!

I knew that I was about to meet with an amazing photographer...but never expected to fall in love so much with the person behind the camera. With you it was Friendship as first sight!!! Love you so much!! P.S I still gasp at the photos even if its the hundredth time that I look at it!!!!”
- Anne & Christian | Iceland Adventure Wedding Session


You're fun, quirky, and both kind of weird together in the best way. 

You are looking for a photographer that will capture your true story in a documentary style and not force you into awkward poses.
You want someone that will make you feel comfortable and confident like you are hanging with your BFF. 
You want photos that showcase your personalities and the love of your life is standing by your side.
You want someone who can capture the wonderful weirdness you have together.
You want to keep it real.
Because after all, life is all about having a blast and telling a good story. I'd love to help tell yours. 

Let's do this.

 Photo by: Kyle Goldie

Photo by: Kyle Goldie

I can’t wait to hear from you! Let’s adventure!

Fill out this form to enquire about booking me for your date, no matter where it is in there world. I try really hard to respond back within 24hrs, but if you do not hear from me, please email me at and check your spam folder!