The beginning of Autumn, I got to play around Brooklyn with these two, Ryan and Chris, for a modern engagement session. I always get so excited when my couples would rather have a more adventurous engagement session and find little gems along the way. We decided to pick the Williamsburg, Brooklyn water front and met on Bedford Ave. to wiggle our way back to the water.

The way I like to shoot has adventure in the core. I like to have no serious plan and get inspired by what we see. These two were excited for the journey and were so stylish, I love how their outfits were matching yet opposites. I wish I knew how to dress half as well as they do. They were also both hilarious and adorably in love making my job of capturing it a ton of fun. 

We walked the side streets, making our way back to Kent Ave. and using the buildings as our studio. No matter where I am shooting, I really try to capture the feeling and vibes of the environment in the photos, along with the personalities of the couple. Ryan and Chris were just so cute, I felt like I wasn't even working, just hanging out with my totally in love friends for the day.

We made it to the waterfront right when the sun started setting. It was as dreamy as dreamy comes. Completely perfect. We hung out there, laughed a whole lot, and enjoyed the sunset as the sun fell behind the Manhattan skyline. 

Engagement sessions are totally unique to the couple, even if the location has been shot in before. They are all about having fun and celebrating a new chapter in their lives. These two opted for engagement bracelets instead of engagement rings, for adventuring through the streets of Brooklyn for a modern engagement session, and for having me capture their love, as it is, in that moment. 

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Jacket: Barneys New York , River Island
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood, New Republic
Bracelet: Alexis Russell