zakas photography

"She's bitchin' with light."- Ann A.

let's adventure together.


You're fun, quirky, and both kind of weird together in the best way. 

You're dreaming about a romantic and meaningful intimate wedding. You are looking for a photographer that will capture your true story in a documentary style and not force you into awkward poses all day long. You want photos that showcase your personalities while being surrounded by gorgeous flowers and greenery as the love of your life is standing by your side. You are planning your commitment to each other in the most epic way. You want all of the heart and soul captured so you can cherish it forever. And above all else, you want to keep it real and don't believe in faking anything in life, including your wedding photography. 


Hey, I'm Steph, and I am a visual story teller through and through. 

I am passionate about shooting intimate weddings and adventurous elopements for badass couples and creating something special for them. Capturing the dreamiest moments is what I live for. My heart gets fired up when I am traveling and adventuring. I shoot in a mostly documentary style, with some romantic flare thrown in. I am all about real moments, the great outdoors, golden sunlight, and the sound of the sea. I drink too much coffee and eat too much cheese. I love to go on adventures no matter where I am at. I'm drawn to people who are completely unapologetic in the way they live their lives, from their style to their hobbies. I want to capture true love, in it's purest form. I feel empowered and incredibly lucky to be able to create art that has beauty and meaning behind it that generations to come will feel when they see your images. I am just your unconventional, funny, tattooed, roller derby playing photographer wanting to capture your love you have for each other.

So feel free to sit back, relax, and know I have it all taken care of for you. I will help guide you through the process and your day. Most importantly, I will make you feel confident and comfortable while having so much fun in front of my camera. 


Because after all,

life is all about having a blast and telling a good story. I'd love to help tell yours. Shoot me an email so we can start your adventure. let's do this.